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Lots Of Fun In This Hungry Shark World Hot Game

There are a lot of action, and innovative as well, in the hot game of Hungry Shark World which is latest, trendy for Android platform and the features and mechanics are so easy to control that I became the apex and most fearsome predator in this game designed by Ubisoft. No wonder it is experiencing millions of downloads each day as it has all the good reasons to be the most popular game in the virtual world. Most importantly, these entire spectacular actions came to me free, right from the downloading of the game to purchasing of the accessories or sharks.

Features of The Game

What appealed to me the most are the features of the game and also the varieties of sharks that I was able to purchase in return of gems and coins, the primary coins of the Hungry Shark World game. Right from the Great White Shark to the extinct and mostly costly Megalodon shark, all are important and useful depending on the levels of the game I was in. All the sharks have different specifications and price, speed and time as well which made me feel that the game is more fun to dive into. Roaming freely in the colorful and wonderful underwater world, I could explore to new areas when I followed the maps of the game.

Hungry Shark World

My insatiable appetite was easy to satisfy with the plethora of things that it could gorge onto. It is the primary objective of the game and the most significant factor to stay alive. Right from the big school of fish to the straying scuba diver, I could eat them all and increase my power to prevent starving in Hungry Shark World game. Of course, it is true that underwater world is full of dangers and I had to be careful to stay away from the poisonous sting of the jellyfish which occasionally arrived. Although there are antidotes to it, I made it a point to avoid them diligently.

There are also risks from the humans, as always even in the real world, and I had to be watchful about the explosives and mines to explode and kill me at the same time. Then there was the risk of being hit by a harpoon from the submarine which I also avoided and stayed alive throughout the Hungry Shark World game. Therefore, having the knowledge about the things to avoid and the things which are safe to eat helped me a lot.

There are a lot of goodies in the game as well which helped me to add coins and gems to my stock of inventory. I simply had to keep my eyes open whenever they popped up on my screen. The controls of the game are pretty simple to win them and also to face all the challenges and complete all the missions. I also used the hungry shark world hack apk to get unlimited coins, but I felt that the mechanics of the game are enough to maintain a good stock of resources which has to be spent wisely which was fun.

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