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Games are the most downloaded apps after utility software from Google play store and apple iTunes store. Mobile Strike is a Battlefield Game with the strategy to build your base and resources. Every game irritates sometimes due to some internal issues. Some issues occur while playing this game due to the use of code generators. Some major issues with this game is

  • It lags even in the powerful Smartphone due to not matching of some configuration. Some people tried deleting other apps and cleaning phone memory. Still, it doesn’t work.
  • After downloading this game when they tap on open, game starts downloading additional files and then it shows “no internet connection found” even on the high-speed internet.
  • App crash while fighting on the battlefield due to load on RAM. This is the biggest problem of this game. Thousands of people rated this game as one star on play store.
  • The heartbreaking issue appears while purchasing in build app product. Some people complained that they were charged twice and some didn’t get product even after payment.
  • In IOS devices, when people try to purchase products, the Error message appeared and the game crashed.
  • Can’t find collect button while shooting Gallery Chest.

To solve these issues check Graphic Adapters driver’s version. If that’s not up to date then update them and try again. Before start playing, Restart your phone and try again this time your problem will be solved. And for payment issue, remove your credit or debit card detail from your account and then add again, hope this will be helpful. If you are about to start playing this game & getting afraid then don’t worry. These issues are very rare. Everything has pros and cons.


What’s better than having an army for the battlefield and your own base where you can have farms, hospitals, banks and so many things? Well, this is the mobile strike for you. Have a creative mind? Then use it in this game to build a strategy to win

  • You will feel pleasure in building your base.
  • You can train your troops to fight with opponents.
  • As an overview, you will be getting an image of violence but you are wrong. There is no violence in this game but it seems like.
  • Enjoy playing with your friends or may be against them. Multiplayer feature of this game is very awesome to play with you miles away sitting friend.
  • This is the game is not just a game. This game teaches how to be a leader, how to work in a group to win. You may be loss while playing the game but you will end up learning the importance of teamwork.

There are so many things you will learn while playing this game. Furthermore, this game will impress you with its approach to strategy if you are in lead with the enemy. You can also use mobile strike hack tool to get lead and win. These are available online on some genuine websites.